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Prince Harry hits the jackpot with huge inheritance pay cheque – but William misses out | Royal | News

Prince Harry received a larger sum of inheritance than his brother, Prince William, according to recent revelations.

Prince Harry reportedly received a more significant share from their great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s estate, following her death in 2002.

Estimated to be worth around £70million, the Queen Mother’s estate included valuable assets and property contents bequeathed to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1994, the Queen Mother had directed two-thirds of her fortune into a trust fund intended for her great-grandchildren.

Reports suggested that Prince Harry was the primary beneficiary of this trust, receiving a larger portion compared to Prince William.

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This discrepancy in inheritance allocation can be attributed to the differences in the princes’ future financial prospects. As the first in line to the throne, Prince William stands to inherit substantial royal assets and resources upon ascending to the throne, while Prince Harry, as the younger sibling and fifth in line to the throne, is positioned further down the line of succession. This disparity likely influenced the distribution of the inheritance.

The late Princess Diana, mother to both princes, left a considerable inheritance for her sons upon her tragic passing in 1997. Initially, just under £13 million was allocated to Prince William and Prince Harry, a figure that dwindled to £8.5 million after accounting for death duties.

However, astute investments overseen by royal advisors saw this amount swell to over £20 million over the years. Both Princes Harry and William gained access to these funds upon reaching their twenties.


Since their departure from royal duties, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have embarked on a journey towards financial autonomy.

Their relocation to the United States, particularly to California, saw them invest in a lavish £12.8 million mansion, partially funded by an £8.3 million mortgage.

Prince Harry‘s estimated personal net worth stands at around £48 million, with Meghan’s wealth thought to be similar, reflecting their collaborative financial endeavors and joint projects.


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