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Flight attendant Celina Bedding advised passengers to “avoid plane food as much as you can” because it often has lots of salt and sugar in it to make up for the changes in our taste buds when we fly.

She explained: “Because of the cabin pressure we lose around 30 percent of our taste buds. So the companies that prepare food for the airlines add much more salt to it in order to have a nice flavour at 40,000 feet.”

Even though ham and cheese toasties and sandwiches are the most popular meals on a plane, the crew member urged holidaymakers to avoid these and suggested choosing a salad instead.

She said: “You could choose a salad or fruit salad, for example. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after a flight to hydrate yourself.”

Celina also said that travellers should never drink tap water on the plane. She explained: “For any passengers out there, whether you are a frequent flyer, an occasional flyer, seasonal flyer or will be a first-time flyer soon, I would like to say to you: NEVER drink tap water from the plane bathroom.”

The crew member explained that a lot of studies have shown that it’s not safe for drinking. You may have even noticed a sign next to the tap on planes.

Some people think it’s just another attempt to sell drinks but it is actually there for your health. So it is best not to drink tap water on a plane.

The favourite drink of flight attendants on a plane is tomato juice, she revealed, which according to a study by airline Lufthansa, is also the most popular drink among passengers – and there’s a scientific reason for this.

When you’re flying, the low pressure and dryness can change your taste buds, making things taste different. Tomato juice has something called umami in it, which isn’t affected by flying, so it tastes better in the air than other sweet drinks.

Kamila Jakubjakova, a flight attendant for over three years, suggested that travellers should always pre-book seats and try to nab one near the front of the plane.

This advice is not just because you’ll feel less turbulence in these seats but you will also be served food first.

Explaining her tip on eShores, Kamila said: “The food service usually starts from the front of the airplane, so you’ll get to dine first if you sit in the very first rows of an aircraft. Sitting in the front rows also means you’re more likely to get your preferred choice of meal if two meal options are available.”

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