World’s best cruise destination has white sandy beaches and plenty of summer sun | Cruise | Travel

The luggage storage company Bounce has ranked the best destinations to visit for tourists going on a cruise holiday.

Travelling on a cruise ship gives tourists the ability to experience a wide range of destinations in one trip, giving them a taste of what culture and local life is like in a range of different countries.

According to Bounce’s study, which looked at factors such as the number of restaurants and attractions in each port, Santorini in Greece was ranked as the best destination for cruise ships.

A small island that once went by the name of Thira, Santorini offers an incredible number of family activities, with the study recording 958 attractions for every 100,000 people.

Typically, visitors to Santorini like to spend time on one of the island’s 17 beaches or take a walk between the traditional villages of Fira and Oia. Temperatures also average 27C in July and August.

Cartagena in Spain was also highlighted by Bounce as a good choice for guests on a cruise break, in particular, due to its very pleasant climate.

During the summer months, average temperatures reach 29C and often rise to an impressive 32C during July and August.

Whilst the company noted that other destinations in the top 10 feature more attractions for romantic couples, there are a staggering 80 beaches nearby that the whole family will enjoy.

Finally, tourists looking for a cruise destination to experience some good food were advised by Bounce to visit Valletta in Malta.

The capital of the island, the city features no fewer than 31,045 restaurants per 100,000 residents, meaning tourists will not need to travel far to find a meal to suit their tastes.

Once they are full, visitors to Valletta can witness the stunning architecture of St John’s Co-Cathedral, which has been a part of Maltese history since 1573, or go for a walk in the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

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