Ukrainian strike wipes out 10 Russian military vehicles in huge strike | World | News

Dramatic footage has emerged of Ukrainian forces unleashing a brutal strike on Russian military vehicles, destroying 10 of them in a fresh blow to Vladimir Putin.

The 63rd Separate Mechanized Brigade posted the footage to Telegram, reportedly showing the burnt-out shells of five BMP-1s – amphibious infantry fighting vehicles – and five tanks.

The bridage utilised artillery and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drops in the strike, which also took out at least one of Russia‘s prized T-90 battle tanks.

The post read: « The 63rd Brigade has destroyed ten units of Russian equipment at once with the assistance of attached units and brothers-in-arms from the 60th Brigade.

« As a result of incredibly accurate artillery shots and drone attacks, five tanks and five infantry fighting vehicles that tried to assault our positions were burned. »

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War blogger Ukrainian Front posted the footage to social media platform X, writing: « The repulse of the enemy assault by the forces of the 63rd and 60th Separate Mechanized Brigade and other units near Terni, Donetsk region.

« It is reported that the Defense Forces destroyed 5 BMPs and 5 tanks, including at least 1 T-90M tank, with the help of artillery and UAV drops. »

This comes as Russia suffered its most devastating daily personnel losses. On Monday, the Ukrainian military reported more than 1,700 Russian casualties in the previous 24 hours.

Its figures also claim that Putin’s forces lost over 30 tanks and 42 armoured vehicles in the same period.


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