Ukraine pledges future to NATO in rebellious message to Vladimir Putin | World | News

Ukraine has committed its future to NATO despite numerous warnings from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Posting on X, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry said: “75 years ago our partners created the world’s most powerful alliance— @NATO

The Alliance unites 32 member countries to protect democratic values from authoritarianism.

“Today, Ukrainian soldiers fight for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. But they are also fighting to keep Russian invaders away from the rest of Europe, effectively fulfilling one of NATO’s core commitments. Ukraine’s future is in NATO. “

Ukraine has long wished to join the alliance due to the threat of Russia and has ramped up its efforts to be accepted after Moscow’s invasion in 2022.

NATO General Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, recently said that Ukraine joining the alliance is “inevitable.”

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This week, he said that the West must provide Ukraine with more systematic military support, adding that Kyiv’s membership in the alliance is a matter of “when, not if.”

Stoltenberg said: “We need to shift the dynamics of our support,” Stoltenberg said as he arrived at the meeting.

“We must ensure reliable and predictable security assistance to Ukraine for the long haul so that we rely less on voluntary contributions and more on NATO commitments, less on short-term offers and more on multi-year pledges.”

“The details will take shape in the weeks to come. But make no mistake, Ukraine can rely on NATO support now and for the long haul.”

Putin has warned Ukraine against joining NATO for years. He even warned there will be nuclear war if NATO troops station themselves in Ukraine.

Speaking in February, he said: “There has been talk of sending NATO contingents to Ukraine. But we remember the fate of those who sent contingents [in the past]. Now the consequences for the interventionists will be much more tragic.

“We too have weapons that can hit targets on their territory. This really threatens a conflict with nuclear weapons, and thus the destruction of civilization.

“[We] will do everything to finish [the war], to eradicate Nazism, to solve all the tasks of the special military operation, to protect the sovereignty and security of our citizens.”

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