The surprising holiday destination that’s more popular than Barcelona | Travel News | Travel

Barcelona is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations but another lesser-known spot has pushed the Spanish hotspot down the rankings, according to new research.

Travel experts at the Advantage Travel Partnership told The Independent that Reykjavik and Krakow had become more popular than Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Krakow is one of Europe’s cheaper city breaks so it’s no surprise to see the Polish city climb the popularity rankings.

Kelly Cookes, chief commercial officer for Advantage Travel Partnership, told The Independent that “people want to try something different” hence the interest in Reykjavik.

Iceland’s cool capital city isn’t a cheap holiday destination but it’s a great choice for tourists looking for a mix of nature and city life.

Reykjavik’s top-rated tourist attraction is the Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland’s largest church which has a 73m tall tower.

Perlan, an interactive museum exploring Iceland’s unique natural landscape, is also a highly-rated attraction.

Tourists are also well-placed to leave the city to explore some of Iceland’s waterfalls and volcanic landscapes.

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