The beautiful luxury train to rival The Orient Express – but tickets will set you back £9k | World | News

The magic of the legendary Orient Express endures and conjures images of sheer luxury.

There have been many trains that have attempted to rival its grandeur over the years and now one luxury tourist train has joined the many hoping to emulate the opulence of the journey.

The Al Andalus Train is operated by Renfe and whisks passengers on a seven day trip along its Spanish Andalusian itinerary.

The gorgeous carriages travel in both directions between Seville and Malaga. The train passes through the Andalusian provinces of Cádiz, Granada, Jaén and Córdoba on the way while passengers sample exquisite food and drink.

The train operator – which runs a series of luxury trains across Europe – explains more on its website.

It said: “The Al Andalus train has fifteen carriages, five of which were built in France at the end of the 1920s as part of the same series used by members of the British royal family to travel from Calais to the French Riviera for their holidays. 

“These are the carriages currently serving as common spaces.

“Another seven carriages are for passengers’ private use. They house 32 rooms, 12 of which are sold as Grand Class and 20 as Deluxe Suites.”

But tickets aren’t cheap…A Grand Class room – 6.5m2 in size – comes at £9,556 and it’s £8,105 for a single cabin.

Those who have taken the journey rave about their journey – including one who made the trip last year and shared her experience on train travel specialist website Discovery Trains.

She said: “I really like it! 

“I love the Belle Epoque style of the Al Andalus Train. It’s the only luxury train in Spain with this authentic feel. The decoration, the furniture, everything has been preserved and very well maintained. This old-fashioned, romantic feel appealed to me.” 

She added: “For me, it’s a bit like the Spanish Orient Express.”

Another impressed passenger took to the Google Review platform to give their take on what it was like to travel aboard the uber posh train.

They said: “A unique cultural, gastronomical and social experience orchestrated by an amazing staff.

“Roaming Andalucía in a private train that happens to be the longest train in Spain for barely more than 60 guests (and on that late season trip we only had 20 guest [sic] which was even better) is a fabulous experience. 

“We learned a lot about the Al Andalus period, enjoyed delicious regional food and met really cool people.”

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