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Tesco sandwich costume enrages discount sticker lovers | UK | News

Everyone enjoys a great deal, and if an item has a yellow sticker reduction, it’s an absolute victory.

That’s why one man chose to don the guise of a discounted sandwich and it was hailed as the « perfect » fancy dress by some, while others were left puzzled over one aspect of the costume.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), @nocontextbrits wrote: « The perfect fancy dress doesn’t exi… », accompanied by a photo of a man dressed as a discounted Tesco egg and cress sandwich.

The original price of the ‘sandwich’ was £1.40, and many were shocked to see that it didn’t have much money off, as it was still £1.26 after the yellow sticker discount.

One comment read: « 14p off is jokes. » Another quipped: « 14p my friends, 14p, » whilst sharing a close-up shot of the reduced sticker. 

This joke is of course reminiscent of all the times you’ve gone into the supermarket, clocked a yellow discount sticker, only to realise a measly amount of money has been taken off the original price – despite the fact it’s imminently out of date

However, some thought the costume was brilliant. One described it as « unique », while another felt it was « hilarious » and possibly the « best Halloween dress » for this coming October. One individual concurred, expressing: « I think your costume will definitely defeat many people on Halloween. »

One X user quipped that it might be a « marketing » stunt by the supermarket, commenting: « ‘We have the perfect marketing job for you. You will be the centre of attention’. » Another person praised his « dedication » to the costume idea.

Meanwhile, a Tesco employee humorously remarked: « I have to put those bloody stickers on in work every day. If someone turned up to my party like that throw em out. »

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