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Princess Kate is currently recuperating at home in Windsor, after undergoing abdominal surgery last month.

The Princess of Wales is not expected to be attending any royal engagements until after Easter, Kensington Palace announced.

But if there’s one thing that royal fans have missed as much as the princess herself, it is her fashion.

Prince William’s wife is known for having the ‘Kate effect’ with several of the pieces she wears getting sold out very quickly.

Now, as the weather in the UK still remains cold, Megan Watkins, Head Stylist at SilkFred, has analysed the future queen’s fashion and given out her top five tips on how we can recreate her looks and master winter dressing.

The Princess of Wales has been hailed for her beautiful collection of statement coats and blazers.

From bold reds to long-line woollens and the classic trench, there’s no outerwear that Kate hasn’t championed, with many fans trying to replicate her lookos.

Watkins noted there’s a key factor why Kate’s coats always look perfect on her.

She said: “Yes, Kate loves her outerwear, but if you look closely, there’s a trend among her choices – tailoring. The Princess of Wales is a huge fan of structure and a sleek silhouette.

“Opting for a structured coat with padded shoulders that is long-line and oversized provides warmth whilst giving you shape is a key look of the Princess.”

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Kate wearing a green coat dress with a furry hat

Princess Kate has proved she’s not afraid to pull out all the stops when it comes to her hats and fascinators.

Her exquisite collection of headwear has become a signature element of her style, captivating the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The royal has effortlessly embraced this traditional accessory, bringing a modern and elegant twist to her ensembles.

The stylist opined: “Winter dressing is all about having the right accessories and hats are no exception.

“Take a page from Kate Middleton’s fashion bible and go for a wide-brimmed faux-fur head warmer and if you’re really chic, you can match your gloves as Kate has here.”

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Kate wearing a red outfit with a red checkered scarft

Styling a scarf can be challenging, especially if it’s done last minute.

However, the Princess showed us how scarf style is done from wearing classic tartans to perfectly placed pashminas.

Watkins added: “Scarves can often make an outfit look unkempt or mis-matched, something to be whipped off the moment we get inside, however, the Princess of Wales shows us that scarves can be stylish.

“Notably, Kate always matches her scarf to her outerwear. For example, she paired a red wool coat with classic tartan to create colour toning within her outfit.

“If you have a black coat (let’s be honest – who doesn’t), opt for a scarf with black accents to create a polished regal look.”

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Kate walking to church on christmas day in 2018

Whilst the future Queen is known for her iconic coats and legendary hats, another accessory of hers that is always on point is her gloves, according to the style expert.

Kate has been seen wearig the accesory on several occasions and have proven that gloves are worth paying attention to.

The expert explained: “Again, Kate’s approach to gloves is mirrored in many of her other fashion choices – coordination.

“If Kate is wearing black, red, green or blue, it is likely that her gloves will follow suit. Add a touch of glam with a fur-trimmed pair and never lose the feeling in your fingers again!”

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Kate walking carrying a handbag

The royals’ handbags have always been a product of envy with many fans trying to figure out what it is they keep inside.

And while we may not know what Princess Kate keeps in hers, what we do know is that, no matter the contents, the bag in question is always enviably chic and stylish.

Watkins said: “Queen Elizabeth II was rarely seen without a handbag and Kate’s penchant for single-handled bags can be seen as a nod toward the late monarch’s fashion sensibilities.

“Taking cues from her classic winter looks, we’ve been loving leather croc handbags which are just the right size for a chapstick and an extra pair of tights.”

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