Scotland robbed by ‘disgraceful’ TMO decision as France earn dramatic Six Nations win | Rugby | Sport

Despair turned to hope though when Berry ordered a TMO review. An agonising few minutes followed as replays initially showed the ball to be held up via a player’s boot, only to then appear to slide back and be grounded.

BBC commentator Chris Paterson was left in little doubt, excitedly shouting “The ball rolls off the foot, I think that is a try!” And the roars of the home ground, as well as the reaction of the players, indicated the call was about to be overturned.

However, the TMO eventually decided there was not enough evidence to go against Berry’s initial call, prompting huge jeers from the crowd while many Scotland fans sank to their knees in disbelief. And the anger was soon made clear online, with @Shaunymac04n posting: “Scotland robbed against France. This was judged to be inconclusive as to whether it was grounded. Didn’t realise Rugby balls could levitate.”

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