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Russia warns of ‘decades of conflict’ with the West as ‘the Nazis did not surrender’ | World | News

Russian state media has warned there will be “decades of confrontation” between Moscow and the West as Vladimir Putin‘s propagandist adds: “Let me remind you that Germans in Berlin didn’t surrender!”

Vladimir Solovyov has made numerous headlines in recent years with his extreme rhetoric.

This time around, he used his show to go on a long tirade about the West, explaining why he believes Russia should “never surrender.”

As per a translation from Russian Media Monitor Julia Davis, Solovyov said: “And now let’s talk about the West. For them, we are obviously the main enemy. Decades of confrontation are now lying ahead of us and we should probably not be afraid of this.

“Several decades of conventional peace were just a coincidence, but centuries of hostility were natural. It is impossible to make peace between good and evil.

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“Both back then and now, we couldn’t care less whether or not you are glad to see us. Whenever we need to destroy all of you, we will do it.”

Putin has made nuclear threats of his own in recent months as he tells the West to not get involved in the war in Ukraine.

He told Rossiya-1 television and news agency RIA when asked whether Russia was really ready for a nuclear war: “From a military-technical point of view, we are, of course, ready,”

He added: “(In the U.S.) there are enough specialists in the field of Russian-American relations and in the field of strategic restraint.

“Therefore, I don’t think that here everything is rushing to it (nuclear confrontation), but we are ready for this.”

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