Russia ‘waging war’ with NATO after ‘successful attack’ on top defense official | World | News

Russia is “waging war” with NATO after allegedly attacking US diplomats with sonic weaponry to cause health issues.

The Insider, Der Spiegel and CBS’s 60 Minutes carried out a joint investigation that linked a mystery illness called ‘Havana Syndrome’ to Russian intelligence.

Affected personnel described having symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, difficulty concentrating and an intense and painful sound in their ears.

Its name comes from the first case detected in Cuba’s capital in 2016.

Anton Gerashchenko, former Ukrainian Advisor to Internal Affairs Minister, shared a post on X saying: “Russian military intelligence infiltrated the NATO 2023 summit in Vilnius and successfully attacked a senior US Department of Defense official. Russia is waging war against us, and we continue to pretend it is not.”

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One alleged victim told CBS: “Bam, inside my right ear, it was like a dentist drilling on steroids. That feeling when it gets too close to your eardrum? It’s like that, times 10.”

Olivia Troye, who was homeland security adviser to former vice president Mike Pence, was another victim. She said: “It was like this piercing feeling on the side of my head. It was like, I remember it was on the right side of my head and I, I got like vertigo.”

Mr Edgreen continued: “The impact has been that the intelligence officers and our diplomats working abroad are being removed from their posts with traumatic brain injuries. They are being neutralized.

“It tells me that there are no barriers on what Moscow will do, on who they will attack, and that if we don’t face this head on, the problem is going to get worse.”

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