Putin’s navy faces new enemy as Ukrainians build stealth attack sub | World | News

The nine metre by 7.4 metre vessel uses an Italian made ‘Black Scorpion’ torpedo system with a range of 3,000 metres.

It has a top speed of 50mph on water and 31mph while submerged, with a maximum dive depth of 250 metres.

Kronos is powered by a hybrid engine using an electric battery and diesel system – and has a 36-hour air supply for extended special op missions.

Onboard are high-tech reconaissance devices including an underwater drone and a quadcopter for aerial intelligence gathering.

The pilot navigates the sub using interior digital screens, but it can also be operated remotely as a stealth drone.

A Highland Systems spokesperson says sea tests have been ongoing for the past year. They said: « It is ready and tested, and is now undergoing modernisation and upgrades after results.

« We are installing a more powerful and quieter engine and electric batteries. »

The company say they cannot confirm Ukrainian deployment at this time, « but have other countries customers ready for placing orders. »

Upgrades to the vessel are expected to be completed by September, the spokesperson confirmed.

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