Princess Eugenie can’t live without this one accessory | Royal | News

Now a style expert has praised the Princess of York for her sophistication and love for eye-catching fashion while she also explained how she uses headbands – which have come back in fashion, to “elevate” her outfits.

Megan Watkins, head stylist at online fashion destination SilkFred, exclusively told “Eugenie has always been a fan of headbands, but it is fair to say that this headpiece is having a serious fashion moment.

“With styles from the noughties coming back into the fashion fold – see skinny jeans, chunky belts and mini skirts – it’s no surprise that Blair Waldorf [a character from drama series Gossip Girl] inspired styles, including her iconic headband, have become all the rage.”

The stylist added: “Headbands are a great accessory to elevate an otherwise casual outfit. They create a point of interest and show off the wearer’s personal style.

“In Eugenie’s Instagram post, she pairs a textured white band with a beige mock-neck knit – the tonal colour pairing suggests sophistication, yet the interesting texture and exaggerated width of the headband shows off her love for eye-catching fashion and her ability to pick out colours that suit her hair colour and skin tone.”

Ms Watkins explained that a headband can be a great accessory to “enhance” simple outfits, as per Eugenie’s example.

She said: “Whilst a headband isn’t for everyone or every outfit, Eugenie uses headbands to enhance otherwise clean and simple outfits – for example, she hardly ever wears a headband with a print dress.

“Often in a wide, padded and statement style, Eugenie uses headbands to add a point of interest to her outfit.”

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