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Blizzard is about to introduce another brand new game mode to Overwatch 2. Starwatch is a 4v4 game mode set on a reworked version of Horizon Lunar Colony. Coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch, Starwatch has a May 9 release date and a 6pm BST UK launch time. Pitting the Watchers against the Infinite Empire, the Starwatch game mode will be playable in the Overwatch 2 Arcade until May 22. It’s expected to launch alongside a new update, potentially with even more changes to Lifeweaver.

The news was announced by Overwatch 2 developer Blizzard on Twitter” “STARWATCH LAUNCHES TOMORROW.

“Pick a faction, fight for the future of the galaxy, and earn free rewards in Galactic Rescue, an all-new limited-time mode in the Arcade.”

According to Blizzard, the team of Watchers will attack against the defending Infinite Empire.

The Watchers will need to capture four different points on the map in order to capture a droid and keep the rebellion’s secrets safe.

The Infinite Empire will be assisted by a number of laser turrets at each capture point. There are also gravity implosion barrels that pull enemies and teammates towards them when shot.

As you can see from the tweet above, players can unlock a selection of exclusive rewards by playing the game mode.

This includes a new Epic Skin for Wrecking Ball, as well as a new weapon charm and lots more.

If Blizzard does release an update to coincide with the event, then expect more changes to Lifeweaver.

Game director Aaron Keller recently told fans that Blizzard may lightly buff Lifeweaver’s Thorn Volley and reduce hit volumes.

Furthermore, expect Lifeweaver’s healing capabilities to increase with the next few updates.

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