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Nigel Farage launches new campaign against power grabbing WHO with stark warning | Politics | News

Nigel Farage is launching a new campaign today calling on the UK to join with other countries and force the World Health Organisation to abandon plans for a worrying power grab that would destroy British sovereignty.

Joining the international Action on World Health campaign group, Mr Farage warns that, like the EU, the WHO was founded on noble principles but is now letting the world down while building a billion-dollar health empire that will take away governments’ rights to prevent future lockdowns.

Comparing the WHO to the European Union, Nigel Farage told the Express that the Government must join with other countries to block the planned Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, set to be signed this year, which would give the organisation the power to mandate lockdown and force Britain to give up 20% of its vaccines.

The new campaign warns that the WHO is in the pocket of China, and their decision to help China cover up Covid-19 at the very start of the pandemic cost millions of lives.

Mr Farage says that the China-friendly Director General of the WHO, Dr Tedros, must be replaced and calls on the organisation to return to its founding principles, or face Britain and other countries walking away altogether.

Speaking to the Express, Mr Farage described the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty as a “massive power grab” and a “massive sovereignty loss at every level”.

He signalled support for the campaign in other countries, including the US where 49 US senators wrote to President Biden last week demanding he refuse to sign the treaty, and predicted it could become a big issue in the upcoming European elections, where more sceptical parties on on the rise and looking to top the polls in numerous EU countries.

Mr Farage warned that the UK must be prepared to take a ‘Trump-like approach’ if the WHO refuses to back down from its demand for powers over elected governments, and threaten to defund the organisation and have nothing to do with them.

He also drew stark comparisons to Brexit, saying the planned treaty would be “just as bad as being in the European Union”, and warning both organisations have moved far away from their original founding principles since Britain joined.

He warned: “The parallel with the EU is fascinating: we joined the EU for trade, and in the end it is telling us what shape bananas we can sell, and that we can’t sell in pounds and ounces”.

“It’s exactly the same as the WHO. We founded this thing with the best of intentions and now it’s meddling in every area of our life.

« This organisation is bad at every level, and I think you may be surprised at how this catches on.”

The top TV presenter and influential campaigner warned that the WHO’s treaty will have the power to instruct Britain into lockdowns in the event of a future pandemic, which would make a Sweden or Florda-style pandemic approach “impossible”.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis refused to lockdown and allowed working-age people to get on with their lives while launching a targeted approach for the elderly and vulnerable.

Mr Farage said that during a trip to Florida a fortnight ago, they were “all very proud of the way they dealt with it”.

“The best comparator is California and Florida. Why? Similar sized populations, similar economies and similar weather, and the death rates are almost identical.”

“Whilst Brits may have accepted the first couple of lockdowns I think by the time the third lockdown was over we all now realise the monumental damage lockdowns did – economically, psychologically, physically, in every way enormous damage.

“I think if you ask British people now about lockdowns you’ll get a very very firm two fingers up.”

Action on World Health is launching its campaign today, with a six-point mission including taking back control of all areas of public health policies, cutting funding to the WHO by 50% and restoring personal freedoms.

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