NHS doctor issues stark health warning about eating an Easter egg in one go

Since the supermarket shelves first got stocked with chocolate eggs of all sizes and flavours, many children have been counting down the days until the treat arrives in their hands.

When it comes to picking the perfect egg, you might want to reach for the biggest and sweetest option out there. However, a doctor has urged people not to eat the whole treat in one go.

Dr Andrew Kelso, a medical director at the NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board, warned that health problems linked to excessive sugar intake, including tooth decay, obesity and type 2 diabetes are all increasing, as reported by Sky News.

Interviewed for a blog on the board’s website, he advised people to “resist the urge to eat a whole egg in one go”.

Dr Kelso explained that an average Easter egg contains a whopping three-quarters of an adult’s recommended daily calorie intake.

What’s worse, combining the chocolate eggs with cakes and biscuits “all adds up to a lot of extra sugar and calories” and that “doesn’t do our bodies any good”.

The doctor stressed that you can still enjoy the sweet treats, but without overdoing it.

However, X, formerly known as Twitter, users were unimpressed by the doctor’s advice. One person wrote: “Technically, it’s better for your teeth to eat it all in one go,” while another wondered: “Has he seen how small they are these days?”

Another X user said they would “eat two [eggs] now”. But some people also asked for “more specific instructions”, wondering what Easter eggs were included in this advice.

In a previous interview with, Dr Khaled Kasem, chief orthodontist from Impress, shared the “best” type to add to your shopping basket. He said: “Dark chocolate is known to have many benefits, and preventing tooth decay is one of them.

“A firm favourite for snacking, dark chocolate actually helps to fight tooth decay because its grain contains strong antibacterial agents. Dark chocolate can also help to fight bacteria and prevent bad breath – all while tasting delicious too.”

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