New £320bn mega city that could house 5 million people in the desert | World | News

A futuristic city could become home to millions of people in the middle of the United States desert.

Entrepreneur Marc Lore has unveiled plans for a new city that would include 15-minute commutes, and farms built on skyscrapers.

He hopes the city would rival other « floating » cities such as Oceanix Busan in South Korea or elongated cities like The Line in Saudi Arabia.

Known as Telosa City, it would cost around £320 billion ($400bn) to build.

The name comes from the Greek word used by Aristotle and means « highest goal ».

It also acknowledge’s Lore’s desire to make Telosa the « most open, fair and inclusive city in the world ».

The billionaire has said he wants Telosa to be as eco-friendly as a Scandanavian city but with the freeness of somewhere in the USA.

It would be built in the middle of the desert between Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

It would boast a water treatment plant under strict instructions not to use the source too much and would mostly run on renewable energy.

Lore also dreams of making Telosa a 15-minute city, meaning everything residents could want in their lives are available within a short distance.

Cars using fossil fuels would be banned, instead replaced by public transport, bicycles and autonomous vehicles.

Telosa claims it would have an « equity » skyscraper as its landmark. This would offer aeroponic farms, photovoltaic panels and water storage.

Lore believes 50,000 people could be living in the 120,000-hectare city by 2030. That figure would reach five million by 2050.

The developer hopes the popular would be « diverse », similar to what he says the biodiversity of the city would be.

Its website says the developers want Telosa to be « open », « fair », and « inclusive ». Equality is also set to be a key notion in the city.

Lore wants residents to « directly influence » political decisions, with private owners outlawed and money pumped into social services.

Critics however say the city is a « vanity project », reports The Sun. They say existing cities could be improved with such a large budget.

They also say recent studies found other futuristic cities are failing, with few people actually wanting to live in a planned, man-made city.

However, a 130,000-person settlement has just been announced in Saudi Arabia. The ROSHN group hopes Marafy would be a « gamechanger » in the industry and could open by 2030.

Elsewhere Neom, a futurist megacity, also in Saudi Arabia, has announced its latest development.

Directors of the £799 billion project say they are planning to build a hotel complex in the carved walls of a giant canyon.

It is part of the country’s attempt to end its dependency on oil wealth.

The city – which will reportedly feature an artificial moon, flying taxis, and robot security – is set to occupy a 170km stretch of desert known as « The Line », meaning it will only be 200m wide.

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