Neuroscientist shares ‘most underrated’ supplement for your brain

Dementia cases are set to triple worldwide. According to the World Health Organisation, the number of people living with the brain condition is set to reach 153 million by 2050.

This startling prediction underlines the importance of preventative measures.

Fortunately, a neuroscientist has revealed an “inexpensive” pill that could boost your brain health.

Robert Love, a neuroscientist who specialises in helping people prevent Alzheimer’s disease with science, took to his TikTok channel to outline “the most underrated supplement for your brain”.

While dietary supplements like vitamin D or C might already be in your medicine cupboard, the dementia expert recommended adding creatine to your arsenal of protection.

Speaking in the video, he said: “Creatine improved brain performance significantly in a double-blind placebo-controlled trial.

“In this trial, adults got five grams [of creatine] a day for six weeks and they tested intelligence.

“Creatine has a significant positive effect on both our working memory and intelligence.”

Love explained that the potent pill is also “excellent for your body”, as it helps to build muscle as well as muscle recovery.

Even the neuroscientist takes creatine. “I’ll take it if I have a brain fog, it helps me recover faster after exercise so I can get back to work,” he said.

Good news is that creatine is “inexpensive and easy to find”, making it a simple addition to your supplement routine.

In fact, you can currently purchase creatine supplements for just £19.99, which brings the cost of your daily dose to just 22p.

In the comments under the TikTok, some users expressed concern over taking creatine. One penned: “My physician told me that creatine is hard on the kidneys and to stop taking it.”

To which, Love responded by saying: “Drink plenty of water when taking creatine.”

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