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Call of Duty fans can download a massive new update for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. Out now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, the new update coincides with the launch of Season 3, which is headlined by the release of a new Battle Pass. The Battle Pass contains Operators like Makarov and Snoop Dogg, as well as more than 100 cosmetic rewards to unlock. The Modern Warfare 3 update also introduces four new maps to the game, including brand new locations such as 6 Star, which is set in a luxury skyscraper resort. Additional maps will launch later this season. Fans will also be able to try classic game modes like Capture the Flag, all with new weapons such as the MORS sniper rifle. Of course, a new season launches alongside lots of gameplay tweaks, balance changes and bug fixes, which you can see in the patch notes below…

Modern Warfare Season 3 patch notes…



• Corrected protection with the Aegist Imperials Blueprint to match the base Riot Shield.

• Resolved an issue causing Blueprints to lose aesthetics when saved as a Custom Mod.



• Added an unlock status and game origin filter for Operators and the ability to sort by latest additions and name.

• Added a new option to the Settings menu to test all speakers in the current audio setup.

• Seasonal cinematic cutscenes can now be skipped.

• Tac-Stance status is now indicated on the HUD in the Firing Range.

• Weapon Mastery Emblem unlock requirements are now displayed in the Customisation menu.

• Adjusted various Attachment descriptions and Pros/Cons listed in the Gunsmith to better reflect their true attributes.

• Gunsmith Attachment Filters

 – Changed filter combination logic from AND to OR.

 – Selected filters are now reset after each game session.

 – Removed redundant Locked and Unlocked filters.

 – Filters button now displays actively engaged filters.

Bug Fixes

• Killstreak HUD overlays will no longer persist after destruction by the Stormender.

• Additional Perk slots are now displayed correctly in the Killcam.

• Applying certain Weapon filters will no longer unexpectedly kick the player back to the menu.

• Improved alignment of values in columns on the Scoreboard.

• Addressed an issue causing Weapon Mastery Challenges to not accurately display the progress of previous completions.

• Calling Card unlock criteria will now consistently appear upon hover.

• Resolved an issue preventing certain Emblems from being added to Favourites.


• Decreased obstructive VFX while firing MWII Weapons to align with MWIII standards.

• Removed variance from ADS Idle Sway, allowing a predictable sway pattern.


• Added Party Bonus XP, allowing players to earn more XP dependent upon the party size.

– 2 Players: +25% Rank and Weapon XP

– 3 Players: +25% Rank, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP

– 4+ Players: +30% Rank, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP

• Added an Armory Unlock Challenge for the Trebuchet Brake Muzzle Attachment.


• Afghan

– Addressed an exploit that allowed players to hide within geo near the Plane.

• Das Haus

– Set factions to Spetsnaz and Rangers, resolving an issue causing missing announcer voicelines.

– Added spawn points in the Storeroom in Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Free for All Modes.

• Meat

– Added spawn points throughout the map in Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Hardpoint Modes.

– Removed specific spawn points near the Loading Dock to prevent spawning in the line of sight of an enemy.

• Quarry

– Addressed an exploit near the Industrial Road that allowed players to exit the playable area.

• Shipment

– Renamed Shipmas to Shipment as it is now the permanent experience.

– Added collision to prevent players from accessing an unintended ledge near the Drug Stash.

• Skidrow

– In Hardpoint, players can no longer contest the Destroyed Apartment hill from an unintended location near the window.

• Sporeyard

– Players can no longer exit the playable area through the roof of the Red Warehouse.

• Tetanus

– Set factions to OpFor and Task Force 141, resolving an issue causing missing announcer voicelines.

• Vista

– Added collision to prevent bullet collision through the staircases near the Marketplace and Tower.

• Operation Tin Man (War)

– Players will no longer be prompted to use a turret occupied by another player.

– Players who join a match in progress can now see the control panels during the first objective phase.


• Revised Vest descriptions to clarify the max ammo benefit does not apply to Launchers.

• Quick-Grip Gloves (Gloves)

– Increased weapon swap speed benefit to a minimum of 40%, differing by Weapon.

• Ordnance Gloves (Gloves)

– Added a 20% Equipment, Field Upgrade, and Killstreak use speed benefit.

• Marksman Gloves (Gloves)

– Resolved an issue causing the 15% sway reduction benefit to not apply.


• Stun Grenade (Tactical)

– Decreased victim aim slowness duration to 300ms.

– Removed aim slowness effect on victim’s equipped with Tac Mask (Gear).

– Victim movement and aim slowness now linearly scales down throughout the stun duration.

• Decoy Grenade (Tactical)

– While Decoy Grenade is active, the player who threw it now gains the effects of Assassin Vest while standing within 20.3m of it.

• Flash Grenade (Tactical)

– Decreased close-range stun duration 4s to 3.5s (-13%).

– Increased medium-range stun duration from 2.35s to 2.75s (+17%).

– Increased far-range stun duration from 0.45s to 1s (+122%).

• Frag Grenade (Lethal)

– Decreased inner explosive damage from 250 to 225 (-10%).

– Decreased intermediate explosive damage from 150 to 130 (-13%).

• Thermite (Lethal)

– Increased incendiary damage tick rate from 2/s to 4/s (+100%).

– Decreased inner incendiary damage from 38 to 25 (-34%).

– Decreased outer incendiary damage from 15 to 10 (-33%).

• Thermobaric Grenade (Lethal)

– Increased explosive damage radius from 8.6m to 9.5m (+10%).

– Increased inner explosive damage from 90 to 100 (+11%).

– Increased intermediate explosive damage from 80 to 90 (+13%).

– Increased fire damage tick rate from 4/s to 5/s (+25%).

• Drill Charge (Lethal)

– Decreased surface burrowing time from 1.25s to 0.75s (-40%).

• C4 (Lethal)

– Detonation can no longer occur until stuck to a surface for 500ms.

– Increased thrown velocity by 15%.

• Breacher Drone (Lethal)

– Increased drone health from 1 to 55.

– Increased drone velocity by 25%.

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