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When it comes to charming little villages, the UK has a plethora of places to explore and become immersed in history and culture.

One particular chocolate-box village is a must-see for Midsomer Murders fans thanks to its appearances in the popular ITV drama series.

Great Missenden’s idyllic setting, with its historic buildings, winding streets, and scenic surroundings, perfectly fits the aesthetic of the series.

Throughout the episodes filmed in Great Missenden, viewers are treated to glimpses of the village’s landmarks and countryside scenery, which add to the ambiance of the fictional Midsomer county.

Viewers might recognise Great Missenden locations like the graveyard where Zoe’s mother is buried in ‘Master Class’ and the The Shires Bank’ in ‘Painted in Blood’.

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The streets and real-life homes of this quaint Buckinghamshire village are also featured in various scenes of the ‘Fit for Murder’ episode.

But that’s not Great Missenden’s only claim to fame, as it was also the longtime home and workplace of British author Roald Dahl.

The village holds a special significance in Dahl’s life and work, as it served as both his home and a source of inspiration for many of his stories.

Dahl moved to Great Missenden in the 1950s with his family, and it was here that he penned some of his most famous works, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG, and Fantastic Mr. Fox, among others.

The countryside setting and the charm of the village provided Dahl with plenty of inspiration for his imaginative tales.

One of the most notable landmarks in Great Missenden associated with Roald Dahl is the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre.

This museum celebrates Dahl’s life and work, offering visitors insights into his creative process and the inspirations behind his stories.

It features interactive exhibits, original manuscripts, personal belongings, and even the Writing Hut where Dahl would retreat to write his books.

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