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Michael Gove promises to end no-fault evictions for tenants before next election | Politics | News

Michael Gove has promised that no-fault evictions will be banned by the time of the next general election. Speaking on the BBC‘s Sunday programme, he confirmed that the Renters Reform Bill “ends section 21” no-fault evictions and added: “We will have outlawed it and we will put the money into the courts in order to ensure that they can enforce it.”

In the same interview, when asked about the reasons behind the broken housing system, Mr Gove cited a variety of factors including population growth, lack of new homes and mortgage finance issues. He said: “There are a variety of different factors that have driven the challenges that we face… And that’s why we’re taking action this week. We already have been in preceding months to increase the supply, particularly in our cities where the demand is greatest.

“And a third factor which I think is important too… is access to mortgage finance. And in the wake of the 2008 financial crash, for entirely understandable reasons, the rules were tightened up on lending overall and that’s had an impact on people’s capacity to buy.”

Mr Gove could not guarantee that the number of people in temporary accommodation will be down before the general election.

The Housing Secretary told Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday: “No, I can’t. I’m determined that we should do so.

“But the pressures … are significant.”

He pointed to population changes and “the tough circumstances that people who are facing economic difficulties face in this country”.

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