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When tourists think of the in which to see a new destination, they typically imagine , and railway journeys.

However, the YouTuber Noel Philips, who regularly posts videos showing viewers his antics around the world, decided to try a different approach when visiting Texas, America’s second largest state after Alaska.

In the video, Noel went across the state on the country’s most luxurious first-class bus, noting that it is designed to feel more like a private .

He explained: “Now traditionally, as you might know if you’ve been following this channel for a while now, I don’t have the best luck when it comes to buses. Be it either getting stuck on Greyhound buses for days at a time here or overnight sleeper buses in India, I don’t have a really good track record with buses.

“But I am confident that it’s going to be a good trip today because the bus I’m taking is a bus that’s apparently like a private jet when you get on board, a private jet on wheels that travels the length of Texas, from here in Houston up to Dallas.”

In the video, Noel took a trip across Texas on a Vonlane coach, a company that offers three routes within the state in exceptional comfort.

Where a typical coach can seat between 47 and 57 passengers, the buses used by the company have just 22, allowing for more legroom, the ability to recline and take advantage of provided noise cancelling headphones.

The YouTuber noted that the trip between the two major cities cost him $99 (£78) either way, making it more expensive than other bus trips but still more affordable than flying.

Climbing on board, Noel doubted the private jet claims, however thought it was still a very comfortable way to complete the journey.

He continued: “So here we go then, time to get on the Vonlane bus, and while not quite looking like the private jet it was promised, it was still pretty nice. There’s leather seats and a lovely wood-effect floor with mood lighting that reminds me a little bit of the Heathrow Express.

“I’ve got quite a lot of legroom here, comfortable leather seats in a sort of two-one configuration, and we’ve even got a conference table here. We’ve got seat controls and a bottle of water, it’s quite comfy.”

Taking a couple of hours to travel the 250-mile trip, Noel was able to check the surprising facilities that were fitted to the coach.

He added: “I headed to the back of the bus which has a coffee machine and a variety of snacks, but the thing I really wanted to check down here was the loo.

“And what a loo it was, the bathroom reminded me of something in a hotel room rather than on a bus, especially if you compare it to the sort of bathrooms you get on a Greyhound bus. This thing was just absolutely incredible.”

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