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King Charles was there for Meghan Markle on her wedding day as moment trends | Royal | News

A touching moment of King Charles walking Meghan Markle down the aisle at her wedding has gone viral on TikTok after news broke of his cancer diagnosis.

The Duchess of Sussex was given away by Charles when her father, Thomas Markle, couldn’t attend due to health issues.

This heartwarming act happened years before the family rift. A video clip of this moment has been viewed nearly 900k times and liked over 54k times on TikTok, with users sending their well wishes to King Charles.

The video also shows clips from Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series where they chat about the King.

Meghan shared: “Harry’s dad is very charming. And I said to him, like, ‘I’ve lost my dad in this.’ So him, as my father-in-law, was really important to me.

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