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King Charles and Prince Andrew’s tense relationship over Duke’s royal future laid bare | Royal | News

Speaking on today’s Royal Round Up, Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer said: « I imagine there are tensions between siblings, they previously denied reports of tensions, but it’s a tricky issue.

« At the root of it all is what Andrew is going to do for the rest of his life, what should be done with it.

« Personally I think there is no room for him in public life, and if he gets into something controversial finance-wise it will reflect badly on the Royal Family. »

From April Andrew will have his £249,000 annual subsidy cut, which aside from a small Navy pension is currently his only form of income.

It is believed he was not left any money by his late parents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, as it was all passed on to King Charles to avoid paying inheritance tax.

However, some royal commentators have speculated that Andrew must have been left a trust fund by his mother.

Since signing his 75-year lease on Royal Lodge the Duke has been responsible for maintaining the property and paying for any repairs needed.

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The front of the house is said to be in need of repainting, which alone will cost approximately £1million.

Andrew has also so far spent around £7million of his own money refurbishing the property since he moved in in the early 2000s, which he may be entitled to reclaim if he is forced to leave.

He is partially supported by his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who lives with him in the Lodge despite their divorce in 1996.

She makes her own money through her business ventures and book deals, with her most recent novel A Most Intriguing Lady being published last week.

The Duchess of York still lives with Andrew at Royal Lodge and has spoken about their close friendship in the past.

She said in 2016 in an interview for an Australian radio show: « No, we’re not married. We’re very happy with the way things are.

« I think the great thing is we absolutely are the most extraordinary example of a unified family. »

She said of her ex-husband: « He is the finest man in my life. He’s a great gentleman, and he’s got an essence of gold. He’s a nugget of goodness. »

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