Kim Jong Un’s daughter sports ‘Gucci’ sunglasses | World | News

North Korea is perhaps best known for its isolation from the rest of the world, nuclear tests and severe human rights abuses.

While the reclusive communist-state continues to crack down on anyone involved in “bourgeois culture” in the hermit nation, this does not appear to apply to the daughter of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-Un.

Photos released by the country’s Korea Central News Agency on Friday show her visiting North Korea’s Air Force Headquarters alongside her father.

The NK News, which specialises in news on the sanction-hit country, said her name is Kim Je Ae, and that she may be the chosen successor to take over the reins of the country – the fourth generation of the family to do so if this is the case.

Like her father and grandfather, Kim Jong Un, she seems to have a taste for the finer things in life – with the photo showing her wearing Gucci sunglasses.

The glasses, identified by NK News as discontinued GG3644/S D28 ED sunglasses, sell secondhand online for up to £226.

A United Nations resolution bans the export of luxury items to North Korea, which itself suppresses western cultural influences as an attempt to undermine the Kim regime, which has been in power since 1948.

These sanctions have not prevented the elite in Pyongyang from getting their hands on such items however.

Kim Jong Un is often seen wearing a Swiss watch and a number of members of his delegation to Russia in September were spotted with high value items.

Speaking to NK News, North Korea economy expert Peter Ward said: “The average North Korean obviously can’t afford these kinds of luxury goods, but they also may not know how expensive they are either.

“The elite, however, will most likely know these are significant status symbols, which will no doubt give them ideas about what’s fashionable to wear.”

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