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Insane moment pro-Palestine activist ‘smashes up factory’ while police stand and watch | UK | News

This is the dramatic moment four Palestine Action activists breached the security and scaled the roof of a munitions factory. The premises in Shipley, West Yorkshire, was the centre of a major demonstration today (April 2).

Video footage shows two activists used a sledgehammer to burst through the roof and smash at least one window. Palestine Action took to X at 6.27pm to confirm that after more than 12 hours their activists were still on the roof of the Teledyne factory.

It’s not clear if the protesters have since come down. has approached police for comment. The group claimed it was taking action to prevent staff at the Teledyne site to dismantle “the zionist war machine for the people of Palestine”.

It has been reported that Teledyne “manufactures critical components for missile systems” used by the Israeli Defence Force in Gaza.

Just before 6.30pm, Palestine Action posted a message on X, saying: “Over 12 hours into the occupation of Teledyne’s weapons factory and the actionists remain defiant, refusing to come down. Every moment the factory remains shut, is another moment weapons aren’t built in Bradford to be used in the Gaza genocide.”

Earlier the group called on supporters to attend the scene, saying: “Actionists are dismantling the zionist war machine for the people of Palestine. Join us at Teledyne’s weapons factory, Shipley, BD17 7SW!”.

In one video, a man in a hat and a red boiler suit – the unofficial uniform of the group – can be seen wielding a sledgehammer, smashing the tiles on the roof of the Teledyne factory. With each swing of the sledgehammer he shouted a different phrase.

He could be heard saying: “For the forced starvation”; “for the genocide”; “for the gang rape of women”; “for the bombing of churches”; and “for the bombing of mosques”.

In a separate clip, a female activist wearing all black, could be seen swinging another sledgehammer at a window at the site. While they did this, a voice can be heard shouting at an on-looking security official: “They carpet-bombed Gaza, don’t be a pr*** about a window.”

Later in the clip, the man who damaged the roof, said to the camera: “They look upset about some tiles man. The whole of Gaza is being carpet-bombed… crying about tiles.”

He then could be heard asking people on the ground: “Are you not going to speak out?”

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