‘I’m an audiologist – here are three things I would never do knowing what I know’

Hearing loss is a permanent condition that can’t be undone. This makes hearing protection and keeping on top of your ear health front and centre.

Ageing and noise are the two most common factors that can lay the dangerous groundwork to hearing loss.

While you can’t hold the clock back, there are some things you can do to protect your ears.

Dr Elena Shur took to TikTok to outline three things she would not do knowing what she knows as an audiologist.

1. Don’t put anything in your ear

While it might be tempting to poke the stubborn earwax with earbuds or even your fingers, the expert warned against this.

Speaking in the video, Dr Shur said: “I would not stick anything in my ear. This can cause more damage than good.

“If you need your ears cleaned, I recommend doing it professionally and, personally, I recommend seeing an ENT, or ear and nose and throat doctor.”

2. Always protect your ears during loud events

After queuing online for hours just to get a ticket and spending a fortune to see your favourite band, popping hearing protection earplugs in might sound like the last thing you want to do at a gig. However, the audiologist stressed the importance of protecting your ears in loud situations.

She said: “I would not go to a loud concert or shoot a gun without the use of hearing protection. Noise-induced hearing loss is real. It’s permanent. And even if it doesn’t show up right away, it can show up later down the line and increase your risk of developing tinnitus as well.

“If you’re participating in loud events, please wear hearing protection.”

3. Act on your symptoms

While subtle symptoms might be easy to ignore, the audiologist urged anyone with muffled hearing or hearing loss to get checked.

Dr Shur said: “If I woke up one morning and noticed that I had muffled hearing or noticed that I suddenly had a hearing loss in one ear, I would not wait or think it’s going to go away, I would see an ENT or an audiologist as soon as possible.

“I would also not let anyone prescribe me antibiotics without a hearing test. This is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed conditions I see and it’s important to get the proper treatment or else this can become permanent and we don’t want that.”

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