‘I’m a style expert – here’s the tiniest hair change that will make you look younger’

Between the latest anti-ageing serums and dietary fads promising to freshen up your skin, the world of youthful tips can be difficult to navigate.

However, a style expert has outlined a simple hack that could help you look younger without breaking the bank.

Montserrat Varela, an image consultant, took to her TikTok channel to outline the “tiniest” hairstyle change that could boost youthful appearance.

She said: “I want to give you a little tip on how to make you look a little bit younger and it’s really easy. It’s all about changing your hairstyle.”

The image expert shared that certain lines and wrinkles, including your smile lines, start to look more permanent as you age. This can drag your face down.

Fortunately, the answer is simple – you need to lift your face. While there are various ways of giving your face a helping hand, including contouring and blush, the expert shared you can also achieve this with your hairstyle.

Varela warned that a hairstyle that goes inwards is “only going to drag your face” down. She said: “Yes, it’s going to help you appear slimmer, but it’s not going to help with these [smile] folds.

“So, what we want to do instead is going for a hairstyle that goes out. It’s going to help lift your face. It’s the tiniest little change but it makes a world of a difference.”

The style expert then compared a series of images of famous actresses like Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda with their hair styled both inwards and outwards to demonstrate her point. “Hair is something that is very fast, very easy and it makes a huge difference,” she added.

Furthermore, Gustav Fouche, celebrity stylist, told that focusing on the good things and enhancing them, while hiding areas which are showing signs of ageing could help you appear younger when it comes to hair.

This means that putting the spotlight on “all of the good features”, for example, cheekbones, good eye colour, good jawline could help.

Fouche said: “For example, if someone’s jaw has dropped a bit as the skin has got looser, you don’t want to sit the hairstyle there. What it will do is bring the eye line to that level, which will draw attention to these areas which are slightly more compromise.”

He also suggested that a fringe could work for a wrinkly forehead, but warned it might not be the right choice for a “heavy jaw”. Fouche said: “For example, if someone is square, you would put a longer fringe on the face, as otherwise you would enclose them and make the face look more square, which can make them look older, especially if they have a heavy jaw.”

The stylist also recommended a timeless cut like bob paired with trendy clothing for boosting a youthful appearance.

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