‘I live in Greece and there’s a common mistake British tourists make’ | Travel News | Travel

Greece is one of the UK’s leading summer destinations and in 2022, more than four million Britons travelled there.

But a Greek resident has warned Britons to be careful as they said many tourists end up drinking too much.

Posting on Reddit, they opined: “This goes especially for British tourists who have become something of a stereotype when it comes to this in Greece – don’t drink your guts out.

“The saying here is that we (Greeks) drink with our friends to enhance the experience and have fun but British people just drink to get s*******d. And then they proceed to do stupid s***, which infuriates people.”

Partying Britons have also irritated city officials in Amsterdam who have launched a new campaign to try to discourage rowdy tourists from visiting.

The person added: “Go easy on ouzo, raki and tsipouro. They’re not meant to be drunk quickly. You’ll regret drinking them quickly if you do. Your liver will hate you for it as well.”

Ouzo is an anise-flavoured aperitif that has an alcohol content of around 40 percent. Raki is flavoured with aniseed and can have an alcohol percentage as high as 50 percent.

Tsipouro is another strong distilled spirit with around 40-45 percent alcohol content and is often served to accompany mezze.

Despite the warning, the person said that Greek nightclubs tend to open late in the evening and told tourists not to arrive before 10pm.

They said: “Nightlife is a huge part of the summer. Places start getting active around 10:30pm for us.

“That’s when we start going out for drinks in clubs and we stay there all night until dawn. Don’t rush into bars and clubs earlier than 10pm, unless you aren’t sure about finding a table to sit down.”

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