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Horrifying warning issued to England fans as new terror threat made | UK | News

A stark new terror threat warning has been issued ahead of England fans travelling to watch Euro 2024.

It comes as Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) – which is an offshoot of ISIS – last week claimed responsibility for the horrific assault that saw nearly 140 killed and hundreds more injured at the Crocus City Hall entertainment complex in Russia’s capital.

Now Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has warned that the threat posed to her country has raised “dangers to a new level”.

Additional security measures will be taken as England football fans prepare to fly to Germany for the tournament, reports MailOnline, with British police set assist to protect fans during the competition in just 75 days.

Ms Faeser said temporary border controls will be introduced “to prevent possible perpetrators of violence from entering the country” adding that Germany is “arming itself even more strongly against all current threats.”

She said Germany is facing threats from Islamist terrorists as well as other ­potential violent criminals and that authorities will be keeping “a particular eye on current threats”.

However Ms Faesar wants to reassure fans – which include half a million British fans – that safety is Germany’s priority.

She said: “We are pooling the forces of the security authorities even more strongly for the Euros and are preparing for all possible dangers.

“This is necessary to protect this major international event in the best possible way.

“The security of the tournament is paramount.”

Also under strict surveillance will be other terror groups, extremists, hooligans, criminal groups as well as cyber attacks.

Neil Doyle, an expert in counter-terrorism, told The Sun: “Euro 2024 represents a major target for groups looking to mount mass casualty attacks for revenge and global headlines.”

Colonel Richard Kemp, who has worked for the Joint Intelligence Committee and national crisis group Cobra, said: “Russia would like to disrupt this event in some way, such as a cyber attack, and they would hope to embarrass the German government.”

France’s prime minister Gabriel Attal said that his country has also raised the terror threat to its highest level.

He said: “Given the Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for the attack and the threats weighing on our country, we have decided to raise the Vigipirate posture to its highest level: emergency attack.”

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