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Gold heist: More than $100m in gold stolen from busy airport in biggest heist ever | US | News

Robbers made off with 3,600 pounds of gold, worth around $105 million at biggest and busiest airport on Thursday – in what is now the biggest gold heist in North America ever. 

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) confirmed they are looking into a gold robbery at Pearson International Airport, which is located just outside of Toronto. 

Gold mined in Canada travels through the airport so it can be sent to customers around the world. 

It is the biggest known heist to have occurred in the continent since 2019. 

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Peel Regional Police, who is responsible for the area, asked the Canadian Mounted Police to help with investigating the heist. 

The 3,600 pounds of gold was being moved through the airport when it was swindled by unknown thieves, The Toronto Sun reported. 

The local newspaper said the theft was likely linked to organised crime, citing an unnamed police source.

A spokesperson for the RCMP commented on the huge heist. 

They said: « We are still trying to get accurate information on the heist. »

But the spokesperson declined to confirm how much gold is missing.

At current prices, 3,600 pounds of gold would be worth about $105 million.

It has overtaken the biggest known heist in North America, which occurred on July 25, 2019, at an airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

During which armed thieves took a significant haul of gold bullion valued at over $25m from Brazil’s Guarulhos airport. 

In two vehicles that resembled those of the Brazilian federal police, eight robbers drove into the cargo facility, knowing there was a serious stash of gold there.

Four emerged from the vehicles, who were all armed with rifles and had their faces covered.

During the robbery, two airport employees were taken as hostages but both were later freed without injury.

The thieves ended made off with 750kg of gold bullion and other precious metals intended for transport to Zurich and New York.

Three individuals were caught and detained. It turns out they were all members of the airport’s logistical staff.

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