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EasyJet chaos as 30 drunken yobs rampage and threaten to urinate on floor | World | News

Chaos erupted on an easyJet plane when a group of 30 « drunken » passengers caused major disruption, with one threatening to « urinate on the floor ». The flight bound for Malaga from Bristol Airport on May 11 was delayed after the captain was forced to abort take-off.

The pilot halted the plane moments before take-off and returned it to the terminal. The disruption arose from a large group of young men who refused to comply with instructions, including remaining seated and from not using the bathroom during take-off.

Passengers endured an hour-long delay while authorities intervened, escorting the unruly group off the aircraft. Holidaymakers had already been delayed by an hour prior to boarding. 

Once the problem passengers were removed, the cabin exploded in cheers as the plane was finally ready to leave. EasyJet addressed the incident, confirming their commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment onboard.

« We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour on board, » the airline said in a statement. Eyewitnesses revealed that the group’s disruptive behaviour had started even before boarding the aircraft.

« They were being loud at the gate, » passenger Linda Sweeden told BristolLive. According to Ms Sweeden, who was returning home to southern Spain, the situation escalated when the plane commenced taxiing for take-off.

« Suddenly, one of the men at the front stood up and started shouting: ‘If you don’t let me go to the toilet, I’m going to p*** all over the floor!' » she said.

The steward’s intervention prompted further defiance from the group, resulting in the plane’s abrupt halt and subsequent return to the terminal.

As the disruptive passengers were escorted off the aircraft, baggage crews were summoned to remove their belongings, causing additional delays. However, the pilot lightened the mood with a humorous announcement, offering seat upgrades to those onboard. has contacted easyJet for comment.

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