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Duchess Sophie and Prince Edward share heart melting moment | Royal | News

She said: “Which is why I am grateful for this chance to able to publicly celebrate and compliment him.”

Elsewhere in her speech, Sophie said Edward has been her guide, and added: “Whatever he is doing he gives 150 percent of himself, and if all else fails he gives any energy he has left out to our exhausted dogs or laying waste to the garden.”

Wiping away tears again, the duchess ended her speech by saying: “So, here’s to you my darling Edward and may I, along with all your family and so many friends, and so many others wish you the happiest of birthdays.”

The couple were snapped embracing with both of them visibly emotional.

And royal fans could not hide their excitement when yet another snap of the sweet moment was posted online.

One user commented on X: “Sorry, you’re not sorry! THIS IS THE CUTEST ADORABLEST (I know it’s not a word but it is now)[watery eyes emoji] (sic)”

Another one added: “He clearly adores her [heart emoji]”

A third one wrote: “I can not love this couple more than I already did. Loving the pda pics.(sic)”

A fourth one agreed: “Ahh… them [heart emoji] our darling Edward and love Sophie”

Lastly, a fifth one said: “They are couple goals. 30+ years together and still best friends. “

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