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A growing number of tourists looking for an enjoyable, care-free getaway are turning away from one of the most popular locations in Spain for a different destination that has been dubbed ‘New Magaluf’.

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago in Tanzania which has recently seen a spike in visitors as people look for alternatives to other, more crowded destinations.

Whilst parts of Spain introduce new laws which are targetted at making Brits think twice before booking a holiday there, more tourists are turning to small East African island.

Nevertheless, despite increasing tourist numbers, during 2022 only 548,503 tourists visited Zanzibar, meaning it is still much quieter than more conventional holiday destinations.

The luxury holiday provider Scott Dunn also recently announced that they have seen an 83 percent rise in the number of bookings, highlighting that it offers something for all kinds of tourists.

One of the biggest draws to Zanzibar is it’s low cost, with two tourists able to choose from a wide range of hotel rooms and beach houses for well under £100 per week.

In addition, whilst some of the more local parts of the island will not serve alcohol, tourist-focused locations typically offer drinks at very reasonable prices, with noting an average cost of just 85p for a pint of lager.

According to the travel finance blog Budget Your Trip, visitors can also take advantage of good food that does not break the bank, with the average meal at a restaurant costing around £5.30.

However, another one of the main reasons why so many tourists are turning to Zanzibar is due to the warm climate the island experiences all year round.

Since the island is close to the equator, it does not feature the same seasons as the UK, instead featuring a tropical monsoon climate that consists of dry and rainy seasons.

Throughout the year, temperatures typically stay in the low 20s and high 30s, with February having the hottest average climate of 33 degrees.

Whilst many visitors enjoy spending their time in Zanzibar relaxing on one of its many sandy beaches, the island offers plenty of unique attractions to make a holiday on the island a memorable experience.

Tourists who want to take in some of the island’s culture can visit Stone Town in Zanzibar City’s old town, which features vibrant 19th century architecture and plenty of shops selling hand-crafted gifts.

However, tourists that are able to spend around £400 can take a day trip to the Mikumi National Park for a safari tour in which visitors can see local wildlife, including elephants, leopards and giraffes in their natural habitat.

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