Dementia symptoms can be reduced by drinking an exact number of hot drinks each day

He told his BBC Radio 4 podcast Just One Thing: “There is one hot beverage that seems to have the edge especially when it comes to your brain health.”

“[Green tea] takes a bit of getting used to but that taste is actually the polyphenols in the tea which potentially boast some extra health perks, such as burning more fat when you exercise, boosting your mood and lowering your risk for heart disease and dementia.”

Dr Okello shared on a podcast that green tea could boost overall brain power, saying that EGCG was responsible for the effect.

He said: “EGCG acts by boosting the levels acetylcholine, and that translates into improved cognitive function. We looked at tea consumption in people over 85 years old over a six-year period, and has shown that tea consumption slows down the decline of cognition over time. But the amount of tea is what is more important, so in our study, we show that at least three cups of tea, as a minimum (a day) would be good for you.”

Experts have claimed that regular intake of green tea could also support bone health, reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol.

While green tea might aid in lowering dementia risk, the Alzheimer‘s Society reminds us that staying active, exercising your mind, and maintaining social activity are superb ways to safeguard against dementia.

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