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David Cameron frantically insists he’s not after Rishi Sunak’s job | Politics | News

David Cameron was at pains to insist he is not after Rishi Sunak’s job this morning, as he was told he’s “in a different class” to the Prime Minister.

Sky’s Trevor Phillips confronted Lord Cameron with two contrasting clips, demonstrating the serious professionalism of the Foreign Secretary to the more pedestrian communication skills of Mr Sunak.

One shows Lord Cameron in his Foreign Office headquarters giving a “tl;dr (too long, didn’t read)” version of his major foreign policy speech this week.

The other had Mr Sunak joining a TikTok trend where pouring milk into a cup of coffee reveals a hidden message, in this case ‘£900’ to highlight the recent National Insurance clip.

Mr Phillips told Lord Cameron that his friends had been watching his clip and saying “watch out, this bloke’s after [the PM’s job]!”

Lord Cameron was seen insisting that is not the case before being shown the PM’s latest social media offering.

He spluttered: “No, I’m not, I’m not!”

However Mr Phillips replied: “Let us be honest, the first clip is in a different class to the second one.

Asked why Mr Sunak can’t do what Lord Cameron is doing, the Foreign Secretary defended his boss, explaining that it’s “more retail”.

“I think the fact that pensions are going up by £900 and National Insurance is going down by £900…”

Mr Phillips cut Lord Cameron off to thank him for explaining what the clip was actually about, with Lord Cameron joking that the two of them “are from a certain generation”.

“The point is actually what I’m doing is important, we’re trying to make sure we have security, but ultimately that £900 off your NI, that £900 on your pension – a massive achievement – I think actually Rishi explains that really well.”

The Foreign Secretary added that the PM is “definitely” the right man to be leading the Tories into the election.

He argued: “If you go back to when Rishi took over, he did a very brave thing when he was campaigning for the leadership of the party”.

“He said he thought that Liz Truss’s policies were wrong and would end in tears and he wouldn’t support them, and that was a very clear statement, and he was proved 100 percent right, and then he takes over in difficult circumstances and says I’m going to have to make some tough decisions to turn this around, and that’s exactly what he’s done.

“You can now see the fruits of that, with the economy going, with inflation falling and all the rest of it.

“I sit around the Cabinet table and I see someone who’s an extremely strong and clear leader.”

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