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Who thinks that the music in the 80s was better than today’s?

120 shares975 viewsTravel

12 reasons why you should drink Black Coffee every day

579 shares13423 viewsLifestyle

The 6 things every driver should know How to Do

205 shares9734 viewsTravel

Man in New Zealand quits his job to play Pokemon Go full-time

362 shares2789 viewsFashion192 shares978 viewsFashion

10 steps to prepare your home for a Kitten-about Kitten Care

magazinethemes – Jul 12, 2016

Bringing home a new, furry addition to your family is a fun time, but there are also many responsibilities that go along with owning a kitten. You…

Travel341 shares7244 viewsTravel341 shares7244 views

What animals can teach us about being better human beings

magazinethemes – Jul 12, 2016

If we really pay attention, other animals can teach us many important lessons that we may have forgotten in the haste of our normal daily lives. Just…

Lifestyle237 shares72925 views2Lifestyle237 shares72925 views2

20 tips on how to survive riding a Motorcycle

magazinethemes – Jul 12, 2016

You do not need to dress up in an airbag balloon or some sort of a space suit. You don’t need to be looking like a mad…

Fashion524 shares5994 viewsFashion

Catch the travel bug and visit 100 places Before You Die

magazinethemes – Jul 06, 2016

Traveling is more than just ridiculously fun, it is extremely educational.  Not only will you learn about the world outside of your comfort zone, traveling will open…

Travel324 shares995 viewsTravel

The 10 most beautiful cars you could buy right now

magazinethemes – Jul 06, 2016

Similar to Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome men’s club, we like to imagine all the really good-looking cars occasionally gather together to affirm each other’s hotness. The task of…

Lifestyle321 shares2591 viewsLifestyle

Who thinks that the music in the 80s was better than today’s?

magazinethemes – Jul 06, 2016

Of course “better” is subjective, but I will say this. There was more freedom, and risk involved in music making from around 1978 up to at least…


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