Brexit betrayal: EU forces Brits to endure ‘pettifogging’ new rule that is infuriating | World | News

In a move that has already sparked controversy across the UK, the European Union has introduced a new regulation that mandates all plastic water bottles sold within its territory to come equipped with tethered caps, starting this summer.

The reasoning behind the measure is to encourage recycling by ensuring that caps remain attached to bottles, thereby increasing the likelihood of both components being recycled together.

However, the implementation of tethered bottle caps has already drawn criticism from consumers who find them impractical. Many have voiced concerns about difficulties in drinking from the bottles or pouring their contents due to the presence of the tethered cap.

While it is possible to remove the cap with sufficient force, doing so contradicts the intended purpose of the rule.

Critics argue that tethered bottle caps represent a quintessential example of the EU’s bureaucratic approach, prioritising minor inconveniences over addressing the larger issue of plastic waste.

The real challenge lies in developing environmentally friendly plastics that degrade rapidly upon disposal, mitigating the long-term consequences of plastic pollution.

Yet, as tethered bottle caps become commonplace in Britain, they symbolise the futility of Brexit in escaping EU product standards.

Despite the desire of some to break free from what they perceive as burdensome regulations, UK manufacturers are expected to comply with EU standards to maintain market competitiveness.

Running separate production lines for the UK and EU markets would incur unnecessary costs, making alignment with EU regulations the pragmatic choice for businesses.

For those who viewed Brexit as an opportunity to escape petty EU rules, the reality may prove very different eight years since voting to leave the bloc.

In a piece for The Spectator commenting on the issue, senior writer Ross Clark said: « If you voted Brexit because you wanted to escape from pettifogging EU rules, you may be about to be disappointed. »

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