Beautiful tropical paradise that’s 30C in February and lush enough for a royal honeymoon | Travel News | Travel

The beautiful islands of Seychelles boast gorgeous white sandy beaches and were even Prince William and Princess Kate’s honeymoon destination.

In February, the tropical getaway sees temperatures soaring up to a scorching 30C.

With crystal-clear equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean, this unique archipelago of 115 islands is truly unparalleled.

In 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly honeymooned in an exclusive resort on the North Island of the Seychelles, and it is not hard to see why the pair would pick the island paradise.

With lush green jungles cascade down to the vibrant turquoise sea teeming with fish, where massive granite boulders stand like ancient marbles and embrace pristine beaches.

The largest island, Mahé, serves as the primary gateway to the Seychelles, offering beautiful resorts, restaurants, and beaches, along with the charming capital city of Victoria.

Lonely Planet paints a vivid picture of the Seychelles as a fabled paradise with spellbinding beaches, turquoise waters, lush hills, palm trees, and unique rock formations.

In Victoria, the world’s smallest capital, various religious landmarks coexist harmoniously, reflecting the country’s religious diversity.

The Creole Language, a fusion of 17th-century French with African and Malagasy influences, serves as the lingua franca and holds equal status with English and French.

The vibrant Creole culture attracts international visitors seeking a unique way of life, showcased annually in the lively Festival Creole. While direct flights from

These serene emerald isles offer solace for the soul, catering to every budget, and make for the perfect place to escape the cold this February.

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