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American tries Greggs for the first time – but Brits point out glaring error in his review | UK | News

An American who tried for the first time has been scolded by Britons after he failed to fully take advantage of the experience. A US-based user, ajslambino, documented his first-ever trip to Greggs while visiting the UK earlier this month.

The TikToker and his partner declared Greggs “is about to happen baby” as they picked up several classic products from the bakery chain in a video now liked by tens of thousands of people.

Several thousand other people have commented below the video, most of whom complimented him on his choices.

But he still managed to attract criticism from some native viewers after making one critical mistake during his first visit to the chain.

During his first trip to the shop, the TikToker picked up three items; a doughnut, a steak bake and a sausage, bean and cheese melt.

He was immediately taken to task for eating the doughnut first, with one commenter joking he was a “freak” after he started with the chocolatey treat.

Another TikTok user castigated him for eating “sweet before savoury”, to which he replied: “I’m an adult, I do what I want.” His most egregious offence, according to several commenters, was not immediately trying Greggs’ famous sausage roll.

One commenter exclaimed he “didn’t get the sausage roll!” and another added: “How did you not get the sausage roll.” Another confused Briton added: “You can’t go to Greggs and not get a sausage roll?”

The TikToker was full of praise for the savoury items and eventually addressed his transgression in a follow-up.

In the second part of the video, ajslambino said he had bought more Greggs products, including a jam doughnut, chicken bake and “the sausage roll”.

He said he had feared from his first go, and as a Greggs “veteran”, he would eat the savoury bake first, starting with the sausage roll.

Again, he was full of praise for the British staple and seemed blown away on the first try, giving it a 10/10.

He said: “You know what I like the best about it? It’s the pastry part is, like, buttery. That is delicious.”

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