24 dangerous countries Brits warned not to visit under ‘no travel’ advisory | Travel News | Travel

UK holidaymakers have been issued a stern warning by the Foreign Office, advising against travel to 24 countries. The ‘no travel’ advisory includes some predictable entries as well as a few unexpected ones.

The Foreign Office acts as a one-stop-shop for Brits looking for travel information on other countries, including warnings, entry requirements and safety and security tips.

But it is also a government domain not to be ignored, as people who defy the advice could find themselves in dangerous situations – with limited help.

In its advisory for Afghanistan, the UK Foreign Office warns that « the security situation is volatile » and travel through the country is extremely dangerous. British nationals are also at a « heightened risk of being detained » in Afghanistan.

The Foreign Office further advises against all travel to Russia due to its ongoing invasion of Ukraine, describing the situation there as « unpredictable ». It’s crucial to check Foreign Office travel warnings before travelling abroad, reports the Mirror.

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