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UK weather: Britons set to bask in mini-heatwave as mercury skyrockets to 20C | Weather | News

The Met Office has predicted that a hot and humid air mass from France and Spain will bring a surge in temperatures towards the end of April. As the King’s Coronation approaches, the UK is set to enjoy warm and sunny weather, marking a strong transition into summer, according to the Met Office’s long-range forecast. However, some eastern coastal areas may remain cooler, with potentially chilly overnight conditions in certain sheltered locations.

Looking ahead to the period between May 1 and May 15, the weather service’s long-range forecast suggested that the likelihood of clearer and drier conditions will continue, as Briton’s enjoy milder weather after last week’s unsettled weather front.

Weather forecaster John Kettley told GB News: « The sunshine is never guaranteed, but the higher temperatures for some of us is guaranteed in the next two or three days.

« In some places in the west and the north temperatures are already up to 18 and 19C.

« Things will change during the week, say Thursday onwards, things will deteriorate because we’re going to see some rain. »

On Tuesday morning, the majority of Britain will be covered in low clouds, although western and north-western areas, as well as Northern Ireland, will have sunny intervals, Netweather’s senior forecaster Jo Farrow said.

East Anglia will gradually brighten up, as the cloud thins and breaks, causing the day to become warmer and brighter when the sun appears.

However, despite the sunshine, the air temperature will feel slightly cooler, especially as the wind picks up in eastern and southeastern Britain, creating a chilly sensation.

The forecaster added: « A southerly flow at this time of year can result in higher temperatures, reaching into the 20s Celsius with sunshine in April.

« However, as most schools return after the Easter break, we will see a cool easterly flow taking hold and temperatures dipping away this week.

« It will be nippy by night and feel cool in the wind but with a fair amount of dry, settled weather due to a nearby high pressure.

« We begin to see a cooler feed off the North Sea but in any sheltered sunshine, it will still feel pleasantly warm.

« The high pressure over Norway and Sweden exerts itself and we draw in our weather from the east. This will give a noticeable cooling wind. »

Southern UK will experience an increase in cloud cover, as powerful winds are expected to bring in more clouds, although the day is expected to be pleasant for the majority of residents.

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