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UK long-range forecast: Met Office pinpoints when mercury set to soar once again | UK | News

Mercury levels are likely to soar again during early and mid-May after a spell of settled weather. According to a long-range forecast by the Met Office, the temperatures are likely to trend “upwards” through the period.

The UK’s highest temperature of 2023 so far was recorded in Scotland on Monday, as many Britons basked in the afternoon sunshine.

A high of 20.2C was recorded just after 12 pm in Kinlochewe in the Scottish Highlands, Met Office meteorologist Kathryn Chalk said.

The last time 20C was recorded in the UK was on November 13, 2022.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast suggests that some fine weather could be on its way by the end of the month.

The national weather service said: “Temperatures likely rather warm to warm towards the end of the month, especially in the west and northwest.

“High pressure is likely to remain centred to the north or northeast of the UK through late-April, leading to a fair amount of fine and dry weather persisting, although the chance of showers, mainly in the south, remains.”

A forecast for May 1 to May 15 adds that there there is “a great chance of a settled weather regime, maintaining the likelihood of clearer and drier conditions”.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, temperatures will be a little chillier on the east coast, but for most of the country, the mercury will sit between a respectable 11 and 16C.

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BBC meteorologist Stav Danaos said: “High pressure dominates the scene over the next few days.

“For Tuesday morning, we will start off with a bit of low cloud….but that should tend to burn away. Thicker cloud for southern and southeastern areas…and the breeze will be stronger.”

Britain is set to bask in warm weather in the days leading up to the King’s Coronation as a humid plume of air arrives from Spain and France.

The Met Office said: “Temperatures likely rather warm to warm towards the end of the month, especially in the west and northwest.”

Conditions have remained wet for most parts of the country so far, but the forecaster predicts clouds will clear and make way for summer, with temperatures expected to be slightly below or close to 20C in several parts.

Over the weekend, temperatures in Northern Ireland reached 18C, making Sunday the warmest day of the year so far.

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