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The UK’s 2023 Eurovision contestant, who once stated that she “hates the country” during a row over free school meals, has reportedly applied for a German passport in a bid to live in Spain.

London-born Mae Muller has the weight of the country on her shoulders after being picked by BBC bosses and global management company TaP Music earlier this year to perform at the Liverpool-hosted event on May 25.

The 25-year old, however, has reportedly since applied for a German passport thanks to the country’s reconciliatory process, which offers citizenship to descendants of Nazi persecution.

Indeed, according to the TikTok star, her Jewish grandfather, Robert, fled Germany for Britain during World War Two.

“It means we can live in Spain,” enthused the star, who will also be free to tour Europe with minimal paperwork.

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Left-wing activist Muller, meanwhile, says she has no regrets over controversial comments she has made in the past on Twitter about British politics.

The star brandished the Conservative Party as “racist elitists” whilst campaining for former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in 2019.

And a year later she had little sympathy for then Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, after he was hospitalised with Covid-19.

“Yes, he is human, yes he has kids, but so do 100s of other people who have actually died due to Tory policies,” she said at the time on Twitter. “Taking up a bed in intensive care but you’re not on a ventilator and in ‘high spirits’? Nah mate.”

She also tweeted ‘I hate this country’, in relation to a free school meals row.

Asked whether she would choose to distance herself from the previous remarks, she told The Times: “No, because that’s how I felt.

“I do, though, regret people taking them out of context. Me saying, ‘I hate this country’ is not ideal as I am representing this country. But I love where I’m from.

“It’s a privilege to be born here and that’s why I felt strongly. We deserve the best and at that time this amazing country wasn’t getting the best. We were being let down.”

Muller had her first taste of music industry at the age of nine, when she appeared in the video for Mika’s hit single, Grace Kelly.

And 16 years on, she has spoken of her relief that the BBC didn’t take issue with her outspoken commentary.

“They didn’t make me scrub my personality,” she revealed. “It made me think how lucky I am that I was born in a place where I can give my opinion.

“A lot of people who did have a problem with what I said were from the UK.

“They said, ‘You’ve lost my vote.’ Well, you can’t vote for me anyway. A lot of young women follow me and it’s important that they see they can have a voice.”

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