Trinny London’s ‘wonderful’ anti-ageing serum tackles wrinkles and leaves skin ‘plump’

Skincare buffs looking to turn back the clock have found a « wonderful » anti-ageing serum to tackle sagging skin and fine lines, with one saying they « wish this had been available 20 years ago ».

It’s the Trinny London Overnight Sensation Retinal+ Serum, a high-dose complex combining an advanced form of retinal and granactive retionids to lift and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The serum works to repair the skin so shoppers can wake up with a youthful-looking appearance.

Founder Trinny Woodall said it also works to target « sleep wrinkles » and the Overnight Sensation works non-stop during your eight hours of sleep. She added: « Peptides and retinoids both have a role to play in encouraging the production of collagen, plumping skin to help diminish the appearance of those pesky sleep wrinkles. Slather on before bed and reap the benefits come morning. »

There are four key ingredients in the serum that contribute to improving skin textures – retinal (a high strength of vitamin A) to bring fresher, clearer skin to the surface, bacillus ferment to lift and firm skin for a plumper appearance, vitamin F to condition your complexion and granactive retinoid, which works with retinal to speed up cell turnover. 

To prevent irritation, the £75 serum needs to be used twice a week as part of your evening routine at the beginning, then you can build up to nightly use. It’s always a good idea to use sunscreen the day after to keep your skin protected.

87% of women said their skin looked more energised after six weeks and eight in 10 women noticed their skin feels firmer. The Trinny London Overnight Sensation has scored an average rating 4.6 out of 5. 

One shopper shared her experience: « I love using this product. In the past dermatologists had prescribed a retinol that burnt my face and made my skin sensitive for years. I followed the instructions and have built up to using this product every night.

« I am in my 60s and have always tried to care for my skin with quality beautician products but the improvement in my skin in the past 2 years have been really wonderful. I wish this product had been available at 20 years ago. »

A second said: « I totally love this product. It glides onto my skin and feels like luxury and self-care on a bottle. I’ve been using this for just over 12 months and my skin has improved massively since then. 100% recommended. »

But one said she « has not seen any difference » after using it on a nightly basis and said it left a yellow stain on her pillowcase.

The Trinny London website stated that the yellow hue is « down to the high concentration of active retinol » and added: « To avoid any colour transferring to your pillow, give it a few minutes to sink in before heading to bed. »

Retinoids or vitamin A-based products can cause irritation to skin so beginners are advised to start with a lower dosage. Medik8’s Crystal Retinal Vitamin A night serum comes with five progressive strengths to allow your skin to build up tolerance.

The Augustinus Bader retinol serum, loved by Victoria Beckham, combines retinol with a patented TFC8 technology to optimise the  natural capacity for self-repair for skin that is measurably refined, restored and more youthful-looking without discomfort or redness.

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