Tinder’s new video selfie verification further combats romance scams

Tinder is fortifying its photo verification system with video — specifically, by asking members to take a series of video selfies to prove they’re actually the real person they claim to be and not just some AI hound dog. The new feature, announced today, is rolling out globally as the new method to verify your account — and will be needed to earn the coveted verified blue-checkmark (no, a billionaire is not going to just give it to you).

The new Tinder process to verify yourself with a video selfie involves recording a video of yourself in the app using your smartphone’s front camera to make sure you’re a person. It sounds similar to other modern digital verifications, including Apple’s and Google’s State ID process and even other dating apps like Hinge. The latter implemented the video selfie feature last year to combat the soaring rates of romance scams spanning multiple platforms, which include unfortunate stories of car thefts and even crypto snatchers.

Being verified on Tinder will also give you the option to only communicate with members who are also verified — an elite circle known as “Photo Verified Cuties.” Those who are already verified may not get to remain a grandfathered cutie for long, as Tinder plans to ask all members to re-verify with video selfie “in the coming months,” according to a press release.

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