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Overnight, the first reactions for the dropped on . Many journalists and Nintendo superfans were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the highly-anticipated motion picture, created by Illumination studios. Unfortunately, the picture has been hit with a number of major criticisms, including complaints that the film is nothing more than a “goofy” mess.

One stern critic wrote on Twitter: “The #SuperMarioMovie: I really wanted to like it but I did not. A few solid scenes capture the spirit of the game but mostly it’s an overly goofy, bare-bones plot, filled [with] bad jokes & worse song choices. It looks great but I was more bored & annoyed than entertained.” (sic)

Another agreed: “Jack Black and Anya Taylor-Joy were the only good things about #SuperMarioBrosMovie other than that I did not like it but stay for the end credit scene.” (sic)

A third agreed: “The #SuperMarioBrosMovie is a VERY FUN ride, filled with references & Easter Eggs. Unfortunatley, while there’s LOTS of cool “stuff” in here, it’s thin & formulaic narratively. Also, not enough screentime with Mario & Luigi together. Fans will have a good time.” (sic)

Another review was perhaps the most damning of all, calling it nothing more than average.

The disdainful critic wrote: “#SuperMarioBrosMovie Brief Review: Well done and better than the live action film in my opinion. The story isn’t boring, but really predictable, not bland and pretty good adventure. I haven’t seen the movie yet in the LA premiere, but I will watch it next time. 7.3/10 + A-.” (sic)

With that said, there were a lot of positive reviews about the Super Mario Bros Movie, as well.

One excited fan shared: “Wahoo! #TheSuperMarioBrosMovie is the ultimate love letter to every era of Mario. Loved the humor & especially Jack Black’s Bowser. I felt the same way watching the movie as I do playing the games. It’s just joyful. Also, stay for the credits!” (sic)

Another agreed: “I’ve seen #SuperMarioBrosMovie three times now and I can say it is exactly what you’d expect in the best way possible. So much fan service/Easter eggs and was made with every audience imaginable that has ever loved Mario thoughtfully considered.” (sic)

Another called it “a charming adventure,” before adding: “Full of FUN cameos that’ll drain your warp pipes. This isn’t just another video game movie, it’s one of the BEST family films ever! A fitting end setting up what’s next.” (sic)

The reviews follow criticisms aimed directly at Mario’s voice actor, Chris Pratt.

The American star is, of course, best known for playing Star-Lord in the series for . However, once his role as Super Mario was announced, fans hit out at the movie for not hiring Italian actors to play the Italian characters.

Even John Leguizamo – who played Luigi in the 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros movie – said the casting “kind of sucks” when he learned about who was in the picture.

Pratt recently told ExtraTV how he felt about the criticisms.

He swiftly responded: “I think once you see the movie [it makes sense]. In all honesty though, you probably need to watch it twice. It’s a passionate fanbase and [the criticism] makes sense. I understand, I’m part of it.”

He went on to assure fans: “The movie really honours the video game. It honours the world of Mario. It honours the characters and it is very promising as to what we could expect over the next ten years, like an entire universe of these types of movies.”

Super Mario Bros Movie hits cinemas on Wednesday.

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