Sir Jackie Stewart responds after defying Roger Federer security to help Martin Brundle | F1 | Sport

Sir Jackie Stewart has joked that he would do anything to help Martin Brundle after pushing past Formula One security to get Roger Federer to speak to the veteran pundit during his Sky Sports F1 grid walk. The incident was one of the more entertaining moments of the weekend after a dull Miami Grand Prix failed to really grasp fans’ interest.

Brundle’s grid walks have become legendary within the world of F1 with the former racer running around the pitlane before races trying to grab a word with drivers, team personnel and celebrities. American races tend to be more interesting with so many famous faces on the grid and the Miami Grand Prix was no different.

Towards the end of the segment he spotted tennis legend Federer heading through a VIP barrier and tried to call him over for a chat but the Swiss star was unable to hear him.

Stewart was next to him at the time and after noticing that Brundle had failed in his quest to get Federer’s attention decided to help. The Scot used his status as a three-time F1 world champion to push past multiple security guards to speak to the 41-year-old as Brundle shouted “you can’t beat up Sir Jackie Stewart” from the sidelines.

Stewart managed to convince Federer to speak to his friend in the final moments of the grid walk before attention turned to the unusual driver’s pre-race show and the F1 icon has now responded to the incident via his Instagram.

Posting a picture of the incident, Stewart wrote: “The security did a good job bringing me back behind the ropes…I haven’t had to sneak past security in a while, but anything for you @martinbrundlef1‼️ Thank you for the pictures @tgodsick88 & @rogerfederer for being a good sport.”

Federer had attended the Grand Prix as a guest of Mercedes so unsurprisingly was supporting Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. The Swiss superstar retired from tennis last year and has used his newfound freedom to take in notable events across the globe.

“I’m cheering for Lewis and George,” Federer told Brundle. “It’s nice to see them. We’ve come across each other several times. I saw George last time at the Laver Cup when I retired. I was the host and showing him around so now it’s nice to be back here at the Hard Rock Stadium where I won in 2019.”

The Miami Grand Prix was eventually won by Max Verstappen with the Dutchman excelling during his initial stint on hard tyres to seize the race win from Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez.

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