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Side hustle: Man turns £2.2k jewellery side project into business worth £159,000 | Personal Finance | Finance

A couple is set to bring in $200,000, the equivalent of £159,796, this year thanks to evolving their side hustle into an international brand.

Nicolas Tranchant is the founder of Vivalatina Jewellery Brand and lives with his wife in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The couple sells high-quality jewellery to customers in Europe and America and they plan to expand to sell in Mexico in the near future.

Like many people who chose to take on a side hustle, Mr Tranchant’s business idea came about as a way to make a supplementary income.

In their first year of business, Vivalatina brought in €2,500 (£2,217.44) in sales which are expected to grow to around $200,000 (£159,796) in 2023.

He explained: “I started my online business idea back in 2010 as a side hustle for my wife. She is Mexican and she had just arrived in France in 2009.

“As a doctor in Mexico, she had no legal authorization to work as a doctor in France.

“The idea was to import silver jewellery from Mexico to resell it online in France, and she would be in charge of this project.”

Despite this, the initial side hustle did not come to fruition due to his focus on his then-career, and his wife had other interests.

Mr Tranchant said: “The project never took off as she was not interested in selling online and I was working full-time as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry.”

However, in 2021, the pair moved from France to Mexico and Mr Tranchant made the decision to launch his jewellery business properly.

He currently runs two online boutiques, as well as his own jewellery workshop, while managing a team of four full-time employees.

Each boutique sells products directly to consumers in France and the United States.

Examples of the type of jewellery the businessman sells include Intaglio, Gold and Silver jewellery, as well as items for weddings and anniversaries.

As of today, the side hustle-turned-business has been a success and enjoyed exponential growth.

Mr Tranchant added: “Our revenue back in 2022 was $160,000 (£127,836.80).

“Currently, we are on the right track to reach $200,000 (£159,796) in 2023.

“Our sales in the US are growing 350 percent in the first trimester of 2023.

“We will start to sell in Mexico in June 2023.”

Those interested in purchasing any jewellery can do through Vialatina’s online boutiques: for France and, for the US.

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